Jennifer Lopez is facing a lawsuit over hoverboards

Jennifer Lopez
Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez — yes, J.Lo — is being sued by a hoverboard manufacturer, after the company alleged she failed to keep her promise to promote the brand on Twitter and Instagram.

According to Sidekick Group, the company gave Lopez 42 custom hoverboards back in 2015 for her to use during a Planet Hollywood show in Las Vegas, Variety reported.

Under their agreement, Lopez would also post about Sidekick's hoverboards at least once every three months, either on Twitter or Instagram, the now-active lawsuit said — something she didn't end up doing.

Lopez did tweet at least once, in May 2016, during the height of the so-called hoverboard frenzy:

@JLo: The #AllIHave dancers killing it on their @SideKickWheels. Check them out at #JLoVegas

Sidekick's lawsuit alleges that its hoverboards were selling for $1,295 each at the time of this debacle. The suit seeks damages of $54,390, or the retail value of 42 hoverboards.

Sidekick also threatened to sue Seahawks superstar Richard Sherman a year ago, claiming he didn't follow through on a promotional deal.

Jennifer Lopez's team didn't immediately respond to CNBC's request for comment.

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