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London finance workers to get desk champagne buttons in latest office development

Champagne button at 40 Beak Street
40 Beak Street

Forget that after work tipple at the local, London office staff will soon be able to order drinks direct to their desk in a new £100 million ($125 million) Soho office development.

At desk champagne buttons will enable financiers and creative types to toast to a hard day's work from their office chairs at 40 Beak Street in central London.

Sushi, cocktails, caviar and full meals will be among the other treats available at the new development, which is due to open in mid-February to early-March 2018.

Caviar button, 40 Beak Street
40 Beak Street

The Japanese menu will be supplied by restaurant chain Sticks'n'Sushi, which will be based on the building's ground floor and will deliver to its various offices via a series of dumb waiter-style lifts.

The luxury block, owned by Enstar Capital, takes inspiration from the nearby celebrity hangout Bob Bob Ricard, which is also owned by the property development and investment group and features 'press for champagne' buttons at each table.

The development is the latest iteration of contemporary workspaces that seek to blend industries and cultivate creativity.

"It's a lifestyle office," Simon Lyons, chief executive of Enstar Capital, the property development and investment group behind the project told CNBC.

"The building's design gives staff the opportunity to host meetings in their offices and work later and more flexibly."

Private balconies and valet staff will also be available at 40 Beak Street. The development hopes to appeal to finance firms which Lyons says have been lured away from classic Mayfair offices and towards the "buzz" of Soho and its improved transport links.

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