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'DO NOT ATTACK SYRIA': Trump's 2013 comments on Syria urged congressional approval, military restraint

Trump: Assad choked out the lives of helpless men, women & children

President Donald Trump offered an impassioned explanation of the U.S. missile attack on Syria, saying he was targeting the air base from which the Assad government allegedly launched a deadly chemical attack on a rebel-held area this week.

But his comments have not always been in support of American military action in Syria. In fact, many of his older Twitter posts began resurfacing on the platform soon after news of Thursday night's attacks.

Here are some of those tweets urging the U.S. not to attack Syria:

Trump tweet 1

Trump tweet 2

Trump tweet 3

Trump tweet 4

Trump tweet 5

Trump tweet 6

Trump tweet 7

And here are Trump tweets that demanded Congressional approval before any attack on Syria:

Trump tweet 8

Trump tweet 9