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Cramer vets a newly public trucking play that could be the next big Trump stock

This could be the next big Trump stock

Schneider National's Thursday IPO caught Jim Cramer's eye as a cyclical trucking play poised to become a good gauge of the U.S. economy and this administration.

Schneider is a large-scale transporter and that ships items all over North America via truck and rail. The company, which raised $550 million in its IPO, has benefited from e-commerce and its logistics business, which includes freight brokerage, supply chain, and import-export services.

"These three businesses tend to be very cyclical, meaning they do extremely well when the economy's in good shape and not that well when the economy's lagging. Trucking, especially, is one of the best barometers of commerce out there," the "Mad Money" host said.

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Cramer vets a newly public trucking play that could be the next big Trump stock

While business in the trucking industry has lately been, in CEO Christopher Lofgren's words, "tepid," Schneider also recently made two acquisitions that will better position the shipping giant for success in the stay-at-home economy.

And the company is growing its revenue and net income despite concerns about the effect of a order tax on imports on its business and heavy regulation at both the federal and state levels.

"That's why Schneider National could end up being a major Trump stock," Cramer said.

President Donald Trump's hawkish stance on Mexico and China could hurt the company's presence in the two countries, but his affinity for deregulation could help cut Schneider's costs.

"Rolling back regulations, especially the environmental regulations that this administration despises, could lead to huge cost savings for Schneider, and that is very pro-trucker, and we know Trump is very pro-trucker," Cramer said.

Although earnings estimates for the newly public name are scarce, last year's numbers indicate that Schneider shares trade at 19 times those numbers, less expensive than rivals like J.B. Hunt and Werner.

All in all, Cramer believes the pros and cons of this fresh Trump play should be parsed by each individual investor.

"If you believe the president can get the economy accelerating again without causing a trade war with China or Mexico, and you think he can really deregulate heavily, then Schneider could be a terrific stock to own, but if you're worried about the economy or our trade policies, well, I don't know. Maybe this isn't the right one for you," Cramer said. "Personally, I'd wait and see, but now you know what you need in order to make up your mind."

Schneider CEO on IPO

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