Cramer wakes the US-based sleeper stocks that are actually offering massive gains

The market may be buzzing about Amazon and Tesla, but Jim Cramer is sick of them, and decided to give some recognition to the lesser-known stocks that have rallied out of Wall Street's view.

"To me, these unsung manufacturing companies that stayed here and just [ground] it out, simply doing what they do best, offering the finest products both here and abroad at great prices, that's where a lot of the money's been made," the "Mad Money" host said.

Cramer began with the industrials, many of which have rallied of late thanks to President Donald Trump's pro-oil, pro-coal, pro-infrastructure standing.

Take Caterpillar, once a short-seller's dream that missed expectations quarter after quarter that rallied from $75 to $97 in a year. While it has laid off a substantial amount of workers, the construction giant could benefit greatly from a federal infrastructure investment, and is tackling some of its chronic inventory problems that brought prices down over the years.

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"When you consider that there's a big federal investigation of CAT's tax payments, it's really been a remarkable run for the big Peoria manufacturer," Cramer said.

Cramer's favorite thing about companies like Caterpillar, engine maker Cummins, and electrical giant Eaton is that each company generates about half of its business from overseas.

"Does anyone even care about these great American companies that stayed here, defied the foreign competition odds, [and] continue to make the best products around?" he asked.

So when the market is gushing over stocks like Honeywell or United Technologies, dive deeper and fish out names like aerospace components maker Rockwell Collins, which has rallied from $79 to $99 since October.

Or look at the seemingly plain industrial Parker Hannifin, which beat its latest earnings estimates by 52 cents and whose stock is up 15 percent year-to-date.

"You don't find tech companies doing that anymore," Cramer said.

Wall Street will always jump at drama with activist investors and takeover rumors. In Cramer's view, it is worth turning to the less dramatic names for steady gains before the next shake-up.

"I think that we ought to open our eyes to what we don't care about, to what's still made here, because perhaps that's where some real, non-controversial performance not in the papers can be gained, all of this before we get anything substantive out of Congress or deregulation really strikes home," he said.

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