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Noble Energy and PNC among RBC's top 30 global investing ideas


RBC Capital Markets top 30 stocks for 2017 have collectively outperformed the market by around 50 basis points this year. They are up 5.7 percent year to date.

Each year the investment bank polls its analysts around the world to find the best investment ideas for an annual report. The report for 2017 was released on Dec. 15, 2016.

"This year it's largely been a list that we think was heavy on cyclical growth and heavy on financials," RBC's global head of research Marc Harris said on CNBC's .

Harris mentioned as part of the list because of its link to U.S. financial growth and possible benefit from tax reform.

"This is kind of a core traditional bank name in an economy that we think it getting better," Harris said.

Noble Energy, stuck out on the list because it sits outside of the list's overall theme. The Israeli energy firm includes both natural gas and oil in its business.

"We think there is very, very exciting stuff with the export potential for Noble with the gas," Harris said. "We think that could accelerate the stock."

Other stocks on the list include , and .