Chinese travelers are shredding United cards after passenger ejection video went viral

United Airlines faces social media backlash in China

Some Chinese travelers are shredding their United Airlines credit cards after a video of a man being forcefully removed from an overbooked United flight went viral.

The disturbing footage lit up Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, where users also called for a boycott of the airline as Chinese state-run media described the man as being of Chinese descent. Under the trending topic #UnitedAirlinesforcespassengeroffplane, users expressed outrage and anger over the incident, and a couple images of broken or sliced United cards suggest they're serious about choosing other airlines for future travel.

The clip from Sunday evening depicted unnamed passenger, whose face later appeared smeared with blood, on a Chicago-Louisville flight. The airline's CEO Oscar Munoz has since defended his employees, calling the passenger "disruptive and belligerent."

A Weibo user, bj crossroad, said "boycott starts with me," alongside an image of his Mileage Plus Explorer card shredded like fringe.

Another user SeanHasToStudyMore posted, "The official reply was very patronizing too. I've canceled my card."