Here's a progress report on Trump's first 100 days

As a real estate developer, President Donald Trump knows a thing or two about contracts. So, based on his progress so far with his first 100 days agenda, spelled out in his ambitious "Contract with the American Voter," the president should recognize that he may need to negotiate an extension.

Echoing the 1994 Republican Contract with America, candidate Trump laid out a bold pledge to bring sweeping change to the government and Washington politics. But with less than three weeks left before his 100-day mark, most of the list remains a work in progress.

Voters who wish to hold Trump to the contract would do well to read the fine print. Rather than achieving his promises, the contract calls for his administration "to immediately pursue" three, multipoint action items intended to "clean up corruption," protect American workers and "restore security."

Trump's 10-part legislative agenda, beginning with the GOP's failed health-care overhaul, has been even slower to take shape. But a closer reading of the contract shows that Trump only committed to "work with Congress" to introduce the legislation.

When asked for comment, the White House responded to CNBC with lengthy list of initiatives attributed to Trump but didn't address the contract itself.

Here's how far the Trump administration has gotten with his 100 days agenda. The items highlighted in green are what Trump has achieved, while the items in red are areas where he's come up short: