Inside Singapore's 'invite-only' Johnnie Walker House

It's a whisky enthusiast's dream.

Johnnie Walker House is an invitation-only suite located at Diageo's Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore. CNBC took a tour of the space, which hosts guests to learn, taste and purchase a variety of high-end offerings.

The space, which opened last year, is one of 26 private suites in the world and the only one in Southeast Asia. In total, the room boasts more than $700,000 worth of whisky by retail price.

One way to gain entrance is by referral.

"We build up our own network of people who might be interested and we invite them to come in," Sam Fischer, Diageo's Asia president told CNBC during a tour of the space. "We build up to people of high net worth and people of influence."

Johnnie Walker House in Singapore
Johnnie Walker House in Singapore

One of the most precious malt whisky offerings is held in a bottle engraved by Philip Lawson Johnston, a specialist hand-engraver of glass who also does work for Queen Elizabeth II.

The limited release offerings cost $160,000 for a minimum of 50 bottles.

In the corner of the suite is the Cask of Distinction: "Special consumers who come here very much value the unique one-off nature of these casks," Fischer said. "In all of our storage of casks, there's one cask amongst a million that we would consider in perfect balance. It doesn't need blending because it's perfect."

Whisky is big business for Diageo, compromising about 25 percent of the company's global sales and more than 40 percent of its sales in Southeast Asia.