Microsoft will unveil the most powerful gaming console it's ever made on June 11

Key Points
  • Microsoft to introduce Project Scorpio during E3 on June 11
  • The new console will support 4K gaming
  • New developer tools will make it easier to create cross-platform PC and console games

Phil Spencer, vice president of Microsoft Game Studios at Microsoft Corp.
Getty Images

said Thursday that it will unveil the "most powerful console" it has ever developed on June 11 during the E3 gaming trade show.

The console is considered an upgrade to the Xbox One and is currently code-named Project Scorpio. One primary focus of the new console will be full support for super-high definition 4K gaming out of the box, a feature Sony already added last year when it launched the PS4 Pro.

Microsoft's head of Xbox Phil Spencer said Scorpio will help Microsoft continue to merge the PC and console gaming worlds, with a new platform —the new Xbox One Development Kit — for developers that will make it easier to create games wherein players can compete, whether they're playing from a PC or a console.

"We've created the most powerful console with you in mind. We've created the most powerful development platform with our industry's creators in mind. And, we're unifying players across PC and console with Xbox Live, the fastest, most reliable multiplayer network and Beam, the next generation streaming service," Spencer said in a blog post on Thursday.

Microsoft's strategy is unique. Neither Sony nor Nintendo has put much work into creating cross-platform gaming support. Microsoft has been working to do so for many years, though ultimately hasn't found much success doing so.

Meanwhile, Sony will continue targeting hardcore gamers, and Nintendo will continue to push the Nintendo Switch, its unique and portable new system. On June 11, Microsoft will need to show gamers why they want Scorpio instead of other systems. Cross-platform capabilities and 4K support might not be enough.