Full interview with Steve Wozniak on Apple's self-driving cars, Silicon Valley Comic Con

Steve Wozniak shared his views on self-driving cars and Silicon Valley Comic Con on CNBC's "Power Lunch" Monday.

On Apple entering the self-driving car market: "I'm hoping Apple does the same thing with autonomous cars that [they did with the iPhone]," Wozniak said. "I hope it's so much better than the others and not just another player."

On Comic Con: With "Silicon Valley Comic Con, we're trying to be very different than all the other Comic Cons around the country ... We bring in a lot of science-based, technology-based futuristic thinking. We've turned a lot of what was science fiction a long time ago into reality and we've done that with companies in Silicon Valley right and left," he said. "So we're just primed for these ideas that seem impossible, like they will never happen — but maybe with the right stroke of luck and the right finding by scientists, we can create futures you can't imagine."

Wozniak co-founded the tech giant Apple with Steve Jobs.

He also discusses:

  • The future of the Mac.
  • Artificial intelligence.

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