Mohnish Pabrai says buy stocks that ‘just gush cash without debt’ like Alphabet


Mohnish Pabrai shared his bullish outlook on Alphabet and auto stocks in an exclusive interview for CNBC PRO with Kelly Evans.

On Alphabet, the parent company of Google: "Google is a company that can innovate outside of its adjacencies. There are very few businesses that can innovate in spaces they are not in," Pabrai said.

He has learned to "look for the Alphabets of the world, which just gush cash without debt."

On President Donald Trump: "I think his cabinet is perhaps one of the best cabinets we've seen in a long time," he said.

Pabrai's firm, Pabrai Investment Funds, has $535 million in assets under management, according to the manager. From inception in 1999, the fund generated annual net returns of 14.8 percent.

He also discusses:

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