Snap-On CEO says manufacturing jobs are more than a consolation prize

Snap-on CEO: We're the quintessential American manufacturer

Nicholas Pinchuk, CEO and chair of Snap-On, said Tuesday that manufacturing jobs are more than a consolation prize.

"One of the things about manufacturing, and in fact any technical career, is that they are viewed as the consolation prize of our society in America," the Pinchuk said.

The CEO of the tool manufacturer appeared on CNBC's "Closing Bell" after President Donald Trump gave a speech at one of Snap-On's facilities focusing on his American first policies in terms of jobs and manufacturing.

"The president coming here, saying we honor grit, we honor making things, saying that American manufacturing is important to our future and we are going to focus on it is important," Pinchuk said. "That creates an aura that I think restarts the animal spirits around investing in American manufacturing and emboldens manufacturers to invest in more business."