Full interview with former Fed Chairman Greenspan on stagflation, Trump's deregulation


Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan shared his views on the markets and President Donald Trump's agenda in an exclusive interview Thursday on CNBC's "Squawk on the Street."

On why the market rallied after the election: "Where the bulge is coming from, is the expectation that the whole regulatory structure … is going to be removed. If you get rid of Dodd-Frank it's going to have a very significant positive impact on the economy," Greenspan said. "In my judgment, that's where the surge in the stock prices has come from. It's very difficult to find anything other than that, which I find really positive."

On stagflation: "Stagflation is in the process of emerging," he said. "You end up at the end of the day with both inflation and slow growth, which is what we had in the 1970s."

On the euro: "I think the euro is going to eventually dissolve or restructure itself into a north and south euro," he said.

Greenspan also discussed:

  • Infrastructure.
  • Entitlements.
  • US dollar.
  • 1987 market crash.
  • French election.

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