The world's coolest tech offices aren't all in Silicon Valley



The world's coolest tech offices aren't all in Silicon Valley

Airbnb Dublin office
Source: Donal Murphy | Airbnb | Heneghan Peng Architects

Working for a big tech company can come with some pretty amazing perks: Free food, unlimited paid vacation, travel stipends — and don't forget super cool offices.

What might surprise some people is that many of the most impressive tech office spaces aren't in Silicon Valley. These designs are far from the gray walls and cubicles that are a staple of most office decor.

From the Emerald City to the Empire State, here are 8 of coolest tech offices around.

  • DUBLIN | Airbnb International Headquarters

    Airbnb's International Headquarters in Dublin — dubbed The Warehouse — was in disrepair when the company collaborated with Heneghan Peng Architects to reinvented the space.

    The focal point is a central staircase, which serves as a lounge space for employees and a gathering space for conferences and other events. The home-sharing company incorporated a "neighborhood" concept into the design to reflect Airbnb's 'Belong Anywhere' ethos with a choice of work spaces, and open areas to encourage collaboration.

    It is Airbnb's first "urban campus model" a design choice that will likely be repeated in the company's future office designs.

    Airbnb Dublin office
    Source: Donal Murphy | Airbnb | Heneghan Peng Architects
  • NEW YORK | Squarespace Global Headquarters

    The Squarespace Global Headquarters, was designed by Architecture Plus Information (A+I), and every element aims to project Squarespace's credo: "Good design means coalescing hundreds of details into a package that is simple and beautiful."

    The new office is in the historic Maltz Building, a former printing house originally built in 1926. The design features walnut accents and versatile spaces, which allow employees to easily transition from working solo to working as a team.

    Squarespace New York office
    Source: Magda Biernat
  • BOSTON | Sonos Offices

    In Boston, Interior Architects used the city as inspiration for the Sonos office, pulling material from the residential architecture to create an audiophile's dream.

    The office has an enhanced audio engineering lab, curated listening rooms and several audio chambers. A dramatic staircase framed by greenery connects a secondary seating area to the café space at the heart of building which is used for company meetings and events.

    The open work environment allows for more collaboration between departments and teams.

    Sonos Boston office
    Source: Robert Benson | Interior Architects
  • NEW YORK | Etsy Headquarters

    Etsy's New York office is in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn. The space was designed by Gensler, a local design and architectural firm, and it is as much a reflection of the playful Etsy brand as it is the 'Big Apple.'

    There are vibrant, colorful origami-like installations hanging from the ceilings, juxtaposed against industrial concrete floors and metal structural elements. The office has multiple places for employee to relax and play, including the rooftop lounge with beautiful views of the city's skyline.

    Inside Etsy's San Francisco office
    © Garrett Rowland, courtesy of Gensler
  • SYDNEY | Dropbox Offices

    Dropbox's office in Sydney feels more like a large game room than an actual office, with room to play video games, ping-pong or go for an afternoon swim. The inviting space is a perfect mix of high-design and laid-back cool, with modern ceiling beams in light wood tones, and a bright color scheme with beige and orange interior fabrics.

    The mid-century modern style is a nod to days gone by as this cloud based company's technology brings users into the future.

    Inside Dropbox’s Sydney office.
    © Katherine Lu
  • Pittsburgh | Uber's Advanced Technologies Group Offices

    In keeping with the staircase trend, the centerpiece of Uber's Advanced Technologies Group office is not one but two sets of stairs for employees to lounge the day away--while doing lots of important work, of course.

    The group is responsible for Uber's self-driving technologies, maps and vehicle safety. Assembly Design conceptualized the project along with the Uber team. The design blends Pittsburgh's industrial past with Uber's technological future, with grand space framed by blackened steel beams, light floors and modern glass desks.

    Inside Uber's Advance Technologies Group in Pittsburgh.
    Photo by Jasper Sanidad
  • Kiev | ZEO Xinwei Offices

    One word comes to mind when looking at the Xinwei offices in Ukraine: Futuristic.

    The space was designed by Soesthetic Group, a Kiev based international architectural and design studio. Nature was the inspiration behind the design with the element of water represented by large chrome drops, a plant wall with wooden accents symbolizes earth, and ethanol fueled fireplaces represent, fire. An aircraft engine turbine in the interior introduces the element of metal.

    Xinwei Office in Kiev
    Photo courtesy of Soesthetic Group
  • Kiev | ZEO Alliance Offices

    The ZEO Alliance office is made up of large open space with cube like structures serving as the only dividers. The interior is slick and modern with polished floors and contemporary furniture with sharp lines. The futuristic feel is a signature of Soesthetic Group, the design firm that worked on the project.

    The color scheme includes bright shades of yellow and more subdued shades of blue. Metal boxes, and accents give the place a bit of an edge.

    ZEO Alliance office in Kiev
    Photo courtesy of Soesthetic Group