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'Dumb and dumber' are key drivers of T-Mobile's success, CEO John Legere says


T-Mobile President and CEO John Legere says he has always felt like his mobile communications company was leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors.

"I've always told you that both dumb and dumber have been big contributors to the success of T-Mobile," he said to "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer on Monday.

Legere attributed T-Mobile's handy earnings beat on Monday mainly to its customer growth — 1.1 million total net additions — and boosted service revenues, something not seen in the wireless industry in several years.

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'Dumb and dumber' are key drivers of T-Mobile's success, CEO John Legere says

The outspoken CEO told Cramer that competitors like Verizon have been stuck in a perpetual game of catch-up with his company, which he said took an estimated 250 percent of all of the industry's post-paid phone growth in the first quarter.

"We have had consistent growth, and, you know, whether it's an up quarter or a down quarter, whether it's highly competitive or not, our growth continues and I'm very, very pleased that we now have over 73 million customers," Legere said.

T-Mobile also upped its wireless presence in the first quarter, winning 600 mega-Hertz sold in an auction and expanding its wireless coverage to every inch of the United States, Legere said.

As the telecommunication sector evolves, Legere said he would not discount the possibility of a merger, which he said could increase both customer and shareholder value despite T-Mobile being able to do so on its own.

"We will look at the opportunities to even further accelerate that growth or create much more shareholder value, so coming at this exactly the way I dreamt we would at this period, from a position of strength and willing to talk, but not needing to, which is really a difference," he said.

But for the time being, Legere's young customer base is a promising sign that the company could have loyal consumers in store for years to come.

"The millennials skew to us," Legere told Cramer. "But it's not just the millennials, it's all customers that want us to solve the pain points of a stupid, broken, arrogant industry that they need to be part of but they hate, and I think we've got a long way to go and we're doing it on behalf of the customers, which is most important."

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