This smart crib helps put your baby to sleep

Manage your baby’s crying at the click of a button

It's the bane of new parents: The crying infant that won't sleep. Now a smart crib promises to put your baby to sleep in no time.

The Snoo Smart Sleeper is a crib that rocks gently and emits the sound of rain in order to put infants to sleep. Microphones on the crib detect whether the child is asleep or not, and the rocking motion can go on all night. The Snoo costs $1,160 dollars.

It's not the only device on the market aimed at making babies comfortable. The Babocush is a cushion swing that holds the child safely in a semi-upright position to help relieve wind, reflux and colic. It also features the sound of a steady heartbeat to make the infant feel like it's being held. It costs much less than the Snoo, at just $125 dollars.