CNBC Internship Program

CNBC Internship Testimonial: Melody Myers, 'Closing Bell' Intern 2016

Melody Myers
Adam Jeffery | CNBC

As a CNBC fellow last summer, I was able to bring my love of producing and learning together. Having only taken an economics class in high school and no business courses throughout college, this position pushed me to learn all there was to know about business and issues impacting the business world.

During my fellowship, I worked on the show "Closing Bell." Airing from 3 to 5 p.m. ET, this show is presented during one of the most important hours of the trading day. From my very first day on the team, I felt welcomed and encouraged. No matter my question or concern, someone was always more than willing to help me out.

As a team member, I had the opportunity to grow in my producing skills through various responsibilities. Through daily pitch meetings, I grasped a better understanding of what makes a great business news story and how to structure a show. I also experienced growth in both my writing skills and business knowledge through producing market segments such as the "Closing Bell Exchange" and "30 to Close," which focus on issues and events impacting the market that day. My skills in the control room grew through checking in guests before each segment and working on Trigger (the machine that changes the charts of various companies you see on the screen).

One of the most memorable days during my fellowship was the day of and the day after the Brexit vote. Seeing just how volatile the markets reacted in the U.S. and around the world to Britain's decision to leave the EU showed me just how a big event like this can shake up the business world. With wall-to-wall coverage, everyone came together to do their part to make sure as many angles of this historic event were covered.

As I look back during my time as a fellow, I feel so blessed to have been offered such an amazing opportunity. Although I hadn't originally considered business news as my beat within the journalism field, this fellowship helped me reconsider. This position helped reinforce just how important business news is within the grand scheme of things. Even if you're unsure about business news, I highly recommend completing an internship with CNBC!