CNBC Internship Program

CNBC Internship Testimonial: Michael Torrellas, Assignment Desk Intern 2016

Mike Torellas
Adam Jeffery | CNBC

My internship with CNBC provided me with invaluable experiences that developed my professional skills and helped me gain industry knowledge.

I had the opportunity to be a production intern on the show "Power Lunch," where I wrote headlines, banners and scripts for multiple segments. I also created charts that showed the trends of relevant stocks on any given day. The "Power Lunch" producers made me feel like an important member of the team and allowed me to take on more responsibilities as I learned and became more comfortable with each task.

I was often given the opportunity work at the New York Stock Exchange to help in the production of live shows such as "Squawk on the Street," "Squawk Alley" and "Closing Bell." It was amazing to see how fast and unpredictable the stock market can be. I now have a better understanding of the stock market and how important it is to be aware of its many ups and downs.

Another aspect of my internship was working on the breaking-news desk, where I assisted on many shoots. I would then log the video from the shoots to be used in live shows and articles for It was interesting to see a shoot through — from planning to production to logging — and then eventually watch bits and pieces of it air on television.

With social media's growing influence and importance, I felt so lucky that I was given the opportunity to manage the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts for CNBC Travel. It was exciting to learn what types of posts got the most "likes" and also the optimal time of day for posting. It was rewarding to watch the number of followers on each account grow and to feel like we were able to reach more and more people through social media.

One of the most memorable experiences from my internship was being in the newsroom on election night as the results were coming in. It was a major lesson in thinking on your toes, having a sharp attention to detail and working as a team. It was incredible to see history being made and to be part of an organization responsible for spreading that news to the world.

Another highlight from my internship was attending a premier for the movie "Voyage of Time" and writing an article about it, which was then published on It was fun to try my hand at another aspect of media production.

Most importantly I learned so much from the producers and even the other interns. I established strong professional connections with a lot of great people at CNBC and keeping in touch from time to time helped lead to my current full-time position as a technical associate for CNBC. All the experience I gain from my internship helped me adapt to my new role very quickly. It definitely prepared me well for a career in this industry.