Macron raises hopes over France's reforms: Dassault-Systèmes CEO

Macron did good things for French tech as minister: Dassault-Systèmes CEO

The potential election of centrist Emmanuel Macron as the next president of France is raising hopes over the country's ability to reform its economy.

"The reforms in France have been very slow," Bernard Charles, chief executive officer of Dassault-Systèmes, told CNBC on Wednesday.

"I see the current situation hopefully if we assume that Mr Macron will be elected, to be a strong hope for the future of reforms," Charles added.

Macron, who is disputing the French presidency with far-right leader Marine Le Pen, served as economy minister in the previous socialist government for two years. During that time he became known for attacking the 35-hour working week - seen as one of the biggest impediments to the French economy.

"Macron as a minister did good things for the industry, for entrepreneurs," Charles said. "I think that Macron proved not, on the political side, but on the reform side his mindset for entrepreneurship and much more flexibility for businesses," he added.

Apart from his reformist's views, his pro-European stance is also supportive of French businesses, Charles also said.


The French multinational Dassault-Systemes reported Wednesday a total revenue of 765.7 million euros ($837.8 million) compared to 693.5 million euros a year ago. Its operating income also rose to 200.7 million euros from 181.7 million euros a year ago.

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