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Domino's Pizza CEO says Trump tax cuts would help business, 'no question'

No question Trump tax cuts help business: Domino's CEO

With Wall Street buzzing about the impact of federal tax cuts on business, Domino's Pizza CEO Patrick Doyle was certain a slash in the corporate tax rate would help his powerhouse company.

"Ultimately, that means that you're going to be generating a better return, that means your cost of capital goes down, that means you can make more investments in the business, so it's a positive overall," the CEO told "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer on Thursday.

Though Doyle did not disclose specifics on how Domino's might spend the extra capital, he said one of his main priorities would be to reinvest in his fast-growing business.

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Domino's Pizza CEO says Trump tax cuts would help business, 'no question'

"Nobody's ever given a special deal for pizza or restaurants," Doyle said. "Corporate tax rate goes down, then you're definitely going to see even more investment."

Meanwhile, Domino's has seen consistently strengthening sales, delivering an earnings report that exceeded analyst expectations. Its stock has been climbing steadily of late, closing up over 2 percent Thursday after the market warmly welcomed its morning numbers.

"As sales have been growing, that's been enabling more stores to be viable maybe in smaller areas than we might've been, in or smaller towns than we were in before, so that number keeps kind of going up," Doyle said.

"And, you know, I think people forget the population in the U.S. continues to grow a little under 1 percent a year, so you're going to get some of that growth as well," the CEO added.

Domino's has also seen burgeoning growth in unlikely areas like Vietnam, Mexico, and Malaysia. The company just opened its 14,000th store in Cyberjala, Malaysia, and Doyle has plans to add 1,000 more locations to the United States' 5,400.

To add even more tech-savvy customer benefits, the company has also been testing a GPS-tracking service that will allow pizza lovers to see how far away their delivery driver is.

"It's giving the customer information, but it is also potentially a way to be a little more efficient with how we're using the drivers, with the speed of delivery, [and] making sure that they're going where they should be when we want them to," Doyle said.

With another deliciously strong quarter under his belt, Doyle told Cramer that they key to Domino's success has been its employees.

"We've got fabulous people in Ann Arbor working on the business, but at the end of the day, it's about the franchisees, the managers, the drivers," the CEO said. "If you can get them excited about the business — and they are — that's going to drive a lot of momentum."

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