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Top 10 freelance opportunities overseas

Jason Gaspero

How to be a digital nomad

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Working flexible hours and living in an affordable tropical destination can be an appealing lifestyle option. But many folks — still stuck at the office — wonder how they'd ever swing it. Here are 10 top portable opportunities that can produce income fast, and deliver the flexibility to take that income overseas.

Source: InternationalLiving.com

1. Internet sales

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Sell products online through your website or a third-party site, like Amazon.

Source: InternationalLiving.com

2. Web tutoring

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Earn as an online tutor through Skype or udemy.com. Online tutors earn anywhere from $25 to $300 per lesson.

Source: InternationalLiving.com

3. Blogging

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Start a blog and earn with affiliate marketing. Earn money promoting a product or company on a blog or website with a link to the seller. Affiliate networks have different systems. Some pay for every user that clicks on the link; others require the customer buy a product before a commission is paid.

Source: InternationalLiving.com

4. Copywriting

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Become a freelance copywriter. Copywriters write simple letters and emails for companies to help sell their products online.

Source: InternationalLiving.com

5. Drop-shipping

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Provide drop-shipping services. Drop-shipping is a type of online selling, without paying for storage or managing inventory. The drop-shipper markets the products and, when somebody buys, ships the product straight from the manufacturer to the customer.

Source: InternationalLiving.com

6. Stock photography

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Become a stock photographer. Photographers can turn travel snapshots into a passive income that makes money on stock websites.

Source: InternationalLiving.com

7. Online English lessons

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Teach English online. English speakers can earn as much as $30 an hour on sites teaching English.

Source: InternationalLiving.com

8. Web-based research

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Become an online researcher performing the behind-the-scenes tasks that ensure the web-based information of businesses and organizations is accurate. With no start-up costs and no specialized education needed, online research is one of the easiest digital nomad businesses to get up and running.

Source: InternationalLiving.com

9. Freelancing

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Provide online freelance services. Freelancing websites like Upwork.com are connecting thousands of freelancers with businesses that need their services every day. From graphic design to proofreading to travel writing, it's easier than ever to find work as a freelancer.

Source: InternationalLiving.com

10. E-book production

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Earn with e-books. This doesn't require being a bestselling author. It's about repackaging books that are in the public domain to sell them online or license existing print books, convert them to e-books, and pay the authors part of the royalties.

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Source: InternationalLiving.com