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CEO Dan Schulman points to 2 market-wide trends fueling PayPal's success

PayPal CEO points to 2 trends fueling its success

With Wall Street buzzing about PayPal leading the next iteration of financial growth stocks, President and CEO Dan Schulman sees two major tailwinds that could push his business to new heights.

"Two big trends are happening: the digitization of money, so from cash to digital, and then in retail, that is fundamentally being redefined by the mobile phone," Schulman told "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer on Tuesday.

Schulman said PayPal's network of 203 million users and 16 million merchants stands to benefit hugely from shifting retail trends, especially the rise of e-commerce.

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CEO Dan Schulman points to 2 market-wide trends fueling PayPal's success

"So much of what [once] happened offline or in-store is now moving online. It's sort of buy online, pick up in-store. And so you're seeing both of those trends play into the strengths that PayPal can offer into the market," the CEO said.

Take Venmo, PayPal's millennial-oriented peer-to-peer payment service that went viral with very little marketing.

Venmo just saw its 15th straight quarter in which its user volume doubled, and Schulman said that the time has come to visualize the app's next chapter.

"Now, we're looking to take Venmo to the next level where we can add even more value for Venmo users and allow them to do transactions at merchants," the CEO said, adding that the upgrade would allow PayPal to monetize the service.

Along with Venmo's millennial-driven success, Schulman credited PayPal's rise to the company's core beliefs and its many partnerships.

"Our overriding mantra is to be customer champion," Schulman told Cramer. Considering that drove management to give PayPal customers the option to choose how and where they pay, which Schulman said opened the door to partnerships worldwide.

Now, whether PayPal customers are paying in-app, online, or in-store, with their credit cards or their bank accounts, they can do so with networks like Visa, MasterCard, or Discover, through banks like Wells Fargo or Citi, or via technologies like Facebook or Alphabet's Google.

"All of them have now started to become allies in this move to digitization where we can take the best of their assets, and what we have to offer as PayPal, our platform and our scale, put those together and really drive the digitization of payments," Schulman said.

And as the world moves online and more and more customers sign on to PayPal's services thanks to the rise of the smartphone, Schulman predicts many changes not only in retail, but the financial services industry as a whole.

"I think there's going to be more change in the next five years than has happened in the last 30 years, and that's because of mobile," the CEO said.

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