Wall Street's top derivatives strategist predicts some market turmoil ahead

Marko Kolanovic shared his views on the market and quantitative investing strategies in an exclusive interview for CNBC PRO with Mike Santoli.

On market volatility: "Short term we think volatility will probably drift higher," Kolanovic said.

On rising risk: "I do think we're building some excesses. If you look at the leverage or the equity positions in some of these systematic strategies, they are pretty high," he said.

Kolanovic is JPMorgan's global head of macro quantitative and derivatives strategy. He earned the No. 1 ranking in Institutional Investor's equity derivatives category. The strategist also accurately predicted the S&P 500 would hit 2,300 on President Donald Trump's election victory.

He also discusses:

  • Quantitative investing
  • Market and sector correlations
  • Trend following
  • Seasonality
  • His current S&P 500 target
  • Tax reform

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