The first trees have arrived in the giant glass spheres Amazon is building

Key Points
  • The first trees have been planted in the giant spheres Amazon is adding to its office
  • They are meant to be a greenhouse-like setting for employees to chill

We stopped by Amazon's office in Seattle on 6th Avenue and Lenora to check out the giant spheres the company is adding to its headquarters, and discovered that the first plants have been added.

The spheres are huge and sit just off of the office, between a dog park and the road. They're pretty dominating and stretch almost a full city block. Soon they'll be filled with plants. Amazon has said are meant to be a place for employees to rejuvenate and think in a different setting.

Right now, only construction workers are allowed close. One of them told me May 24 will be a big day, when Amazon will open up the south sphere to insert a large plant.

Only two palms are there currently, several construction workers said. They appear to be on the second floor or so.

They're slated to open in 2018.