Le Pen vows to relaunch far-right National Front party as she concedes defeat in French election

Analysts weigh in on what went wrong for Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen has pledged to form a "number one opposition force" to counter globalization just moments after conceding defeat to her centrist opponent in the French presidential elections

In a speech at the National Front's campaign headquarters, Le Pen called on "all patriots to join" in a new movement as she characterized the landscape as one split between "patriots and globalists". The National Front party's deputy leader Florian Philippot added that the new party would no longer retain the same name, according to Reuters.

The far-right candidate said she would give a voice to patriots after suffering a major defeat in the final round runoff of the presidential race. Early exit polls indicate that Emmanuel Macron won 65 percent of votes to Le Pen's 35 percent after voting closed Sunday evening. However, Le Pen dubbed the gains a "historic result" for the anti-EU National Front party, which has never before received such backing in the final round of voting. 

Subdued atmosphere at losing National Front headquarters

Le Pen said that the French people had voted for "continuity", however, she said that she would challenge the status quo within French politics.

"All patriots to join us," Le Pen said as she addressed supporters in her concession speech at the National Front HQ in Paris. "Long live the Republic, long live France," she added.