Microsoft has an idea for using smart glasses to track your diet

Key Points
  • Microsoft filed a patent on Tuesday for a "smart" system that would make it easier for users to track nutrition
  • Microsoft isn't the only technology company exploring new ways to automate food-logging
  • Nutrition-tracking represents a new opportunity for augmented reality
Augmented reality smart glasses.
Nicky Loh | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Microsoft might someday use smart glasses to help you stay healthy.

The company applied for a patent on Tuesday for a system that uses augmented reality headwear to send users nutritional advice based on their personal dietary needs. According to the filing, the technology also includes warnings, such as advice to avoid that late night burrito, and it ingests nutritional information from third-party restaurants. The system might also be used to help guide decisions around food preparation and shopping.

Research firm CBInsights pointed us to the filing, which it noticed earlier.

Technology companies are in a battle to modernize the process of nutrition tracking, which currently requires manual input. If smart technology could automate the process, it would provide much-needed transparency to users about the nutritional content of their meals.

As CBInsights points out, Apple patented a system that uses RFID to help track the calories in restaurant orders. Microsoft has also filed previously diet-related patents. Startups are also targeting the space. An app called Lark already offers food-logging and personalized recommendations to the Apple Watch.

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