New York Times to run ‘Brexit Means Brexit’ tours of London for $6000, not including flights

Want to know what Britain's exit from the European Union will actually mean to the world? You can now buy a tour of London that will explain all.

The New York Times is running a "Brexit Means Brexit" trip to the capital city, according to a post on its Journeys website, guided in part by London bureau chief Steven Erlanger.

"Prime Minister Theresa May said that 'Brexit means Brexit,' but what does this really mean for the British and the international community beyond? Did the voters really know what they were voting for? Does the British government have the power to begin the separation from the EU? And what of the impact on Europe and the strength of the union?" the post states.

Chris Hepburn | Vetta | Getty Images

Guests will pay $5,995 for the five-night trip, which includes a walking tour of Westminster, the political center of London, taking in the Houses of Parliament and Foreign and Commonwealth Office. It does not include flights.

Travelers can also enjoy famous British activities: drinking a pint of beer in a pub, and trying a traditional afternoon tea with scones and clotted cream.

Britain is in the middle of arguably one of the most uncertain times in its history, with 51.9 percent voting to leave the EU in the referendum last June and a General Election on June 8. In April, the New York Times ran a story entitled: "Will London Fall," in the face of Brexit, stating: "The era that created modern London appears to be over."

The New York Times says on its Journeys site that trips are created for readers to "satisfy their intellectual curiosity and high standards," and it is also running "The Israeli-Palestinian Conundrum," and "The Many Faces of Russia" tours.

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