Barclays CEO Staley stumped by spoofed email

Jes Staley, CEO of Barclays
Justin Solomon | CNBC

Google is not the only company dealing with email scams and scandals.

On Wednesday, a prankster sent embattled Barclays CEO Jes Staley an email posing as Barclays Chairman John McFarlane, the Financial Times reported Thursday. The contents of the emails between Staley and the prankster were reproduced on the newspaper's website in full.

According to the FT, the emails are verified as genuine.

Staley is currently under fire by Barclays shareholders for his attempt to unmask an internal whistleblower, spurring investigations by both the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

Staley responded "in effusive terms," the FT said, likely because of McFarlane's reputation for ousting chief executives. "You have a sense of what is right, and you have a sense of theatre," wrote Staley. "You mix humor with grit."

The prankster's email was sent using a Gmail account with the subject "The Fool doth think he is wise." The person contacted the FT via Twitter, telling the newspaper the email was part of his "battle with Barclays" over a customer issue.

Barclays declined to comment to the FT.

Read the full story from the Financial Times here.