Here's what the protesters were upset about at Amazon's shareholders meeting

Key Points
  • Not everyone was celebrating on Tuesday at Amazon's shareholders meeting.
  • Protesters were a loud presence outside.
Amazon Prime Air pilots protest outside Amazon meeting

Amazon investors have plenty to celebrate, with the stock up 29 percent this year and hitting a new record on a weekly basis. But activists have their own sets of issues and are doing all they can to make their complaints heard by shareholders and management.

Outside of Amazon's shareholders meeting in Seattle on Tuesday, protesters were a colorful presence. Groups opposed to the company's continued advertisements on right-wing website Breitbart urged the company to "stop supporting hate." Pilots flying for the airlines that have contracts with Prime Air are lobbying Amazon to pressure their employers to increase their pay.

A giant animated figure of CEO Jeff Bezos in a robot suit was meant to suggest that Amazon needs to be more reliant on humans and less on robots. And the AFL-CIO has a proposal that urges Amazon to report on its use of criminal background checks and hiring to address the risk of racial discrimination.

Here are some of the pictures from Tuesday as captured by CNBC photographers and reporters:

Protest at Amazon shareholders meeting
Protests of Amazon's ads on Breitbart
Prime Air pilots protest outside Amazon shareholders meeting
Protesting Amazon's employment practices
Protesting Breitbart ads