Android founder will unveil his new company's smartphone on May 30

Key Points
  • Andy Rubin's company Essential promises a big announcement on May 30
  • A new Android device is expected
  • Andy Rubin is attending the Code Conference, where the announcement is expected
Andy Rubin during press event at Google Inc. in Mountain View, California.
Kim Kulish / Corbis Historical / Getty

Andy Rubin's new smartphone will make its debut on May 30.

A tweet posted by the Twitter account for Essential, the name of Andy Rubin's new company, confirmed on Thursday that "something big is coming May 30."

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The announcement is likely to be made at the Code Conference, which kicks off on May 30 and which Andy Rubin will be attending. CNBC will be covering the conference live.

Rubin teased the new smartphone, which appears to lack any bezels along the side of the screen, back in March. Days later, Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt said the new smartphone was going to launch "very soon."

Essential smartphone

Andy Rubin is best known as the father of Android and helped Google launch the smartphone platform after Google acquired Rubin's company, Android Inc., in 2005. The new device is expected to run Android, though other details on the smartphone remain slim.