Chicago Cubs owner tells CNBC the fear of terrorism keeps him up at night

  • Cubs owner Tom Ricketts says stadium security is top concern right now.
  • In the aftermath of the Manchester terrorist bombing, he says the random nature of the attacks makes it difficult.

Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts told CNBC that the thing that's most concerning to him right is stadium security.

This is just days after the terrorist bombing in Manchester, England, outside a concert venue.

"Given things that have happened recently, we want to make sure we're providing a safe environment for people," Ricketts said Wednesday night.

"We're working very hard on security around Wrigley," he continued. Ricketts noticed other teams around the league are focused on similar issues. Wrigley Field, where the Cubs play, was built in 1914, and is the second-oldest active stadium in Major League Baseball.

Ricketts mentioned the "nature of the randomness of some of the things that have happened," and that he and the team "just want to make sure that we're doing everything we can."

Ricketts was speaking in New York at the Sports Business Awards, where the Cubs won the award for Sports Team of the Year, after ending their century-long World Series drought. The awards also gave Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones a lifetime achievement award.