Dow Chemical CEO on Trump's climate decision: 'Leaders don't leave tables, leaders stay'

  • Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris says he's "disappointed" that Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord.
  • Liveris heads Trump's manufacturing council.

Dow Chemical Chairman and CEO Andrew Liveris, who heads President Donald Trump's manufacturing council, told CNBC on Friday that he was "disappointed" with Trump's decision to leave the Paris climate agreement.

"[With] all the trends going on in the world generationally, we've got to invest in putting less carbon out into the atmosphere, and I think the United States is at the lead. So leaders don't leave tables, leaders stay. And that's the part that I'm disappointed at," the CEO told "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer.

Liveris stressed that Dow's position in the world is as a global business putting science and business solutions to work, and that being mindful of environmental concerns should fold into those goals.

"It's a new business model for all of us, sustainability," Liveris said.