The Profit

How Marcus Lemonis helped this struggling drum maker to the stars hit the big time

With musicians like Lady Gaga and Green Day banging on their handmade drums, SJC Custom Drums had a reputation for being among the best. But despite buzz from those big name acts, the company couldn't stop hemorrhaging money. So in 2014, SJC sought out The Profit's Marcus Lemonis and, thanks to his help, the company's now marching to the beat of a different tune. Take a look at the company's journey from basement business to boutique behemoth.

Brothers Mike Ciprari and Scott Ciprari started building drums as a hobby from their grandmother's basement.

The brothers never imagined SJC would turn into an international brand and their drums would be played by rock stars Lady Gaga, Green Day and Imagine Dragons.

Despite having a solid reputation in the music industry, SJC Drums struggled with high prices, debt and a lack of sales.

After Marcus Lemonis invested in SJC Drums, he revamped its manufacturing process, finding ways to lower costs and creating a process to control quality and inventory.

Mike says his number one takeaway from working with Marcus is just to "trust the process."

To help cater to all consumer budgets, Marcus had the team create three drum kits, each with different price points. Since the introduction of these new lines, sales have nearly doubled.

"Working with Marcus is awesome," says Mike. "He's a business partner. He's a friend. And he's a mentor."

SVP of Manufacturing and Operations Chris Nikopoulos says that, since Marcus joined, everything has gotten better. The company's been able to staff up, carry more inventory and hone a tighter production process.

The future looks bright for the drum company. SJC employee Josh Byrne is confident the company will grow exponentially from here.

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