UK leader Theresa May has reportedly no intention of resigning, already planning coalition deal

UK hung parliament: The future for PM Theresa May

The disappointing result for the Conservative party at the U.K. general elections has sparked many calls for Prime Minister Theresa May's resignation, but she reportedly has no intention in leaving her role.

Earlier on Friday, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said that the prime minister had lost her mandate and should therefore resign. Shortly after, Theresa May said that what the country needed at this time was stability. The BBC has reported, citing unnamed sources, that she has no intention of stepping down.

The General Election resulted in a hung parliament, where the Conservatives remained the biggest party but failed to reach majority.

Separately, Sky News reported Friday that the Conservative party has already contacted the DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) looking for a coalition partner.

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With only four seats to call, the Conservatives are ahead with 316, compared to 216 to the Labour Party. The DUP in Northern Ireland obtained 10 seats, which would give Theresa May a majority in parliament. The winning threshold is 323 given that lawmakers from Northern Irish party Sinn Fein do not attend the House of Commons.

Theresa May is due to speak at 10 a.m. London time.

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