Einstein's 'Genius' inches closer to ending its run with Nobel Prize battle, and high-level physics

"Genius," the television show about prodigy Albert Einstein's early years, is close to wrapping up its 10-episode run, and delves deeper into the scientist's belief system.

On the latest episode airing on Tuesday evening, the acclaimed biographical drama — which has covered everything from the quirky genius's sex life to his contributions to science — depicts the political battle behind Einstein being awarded the Nobel Prize.

As he prepares for his fateful escape from Nazi Germany, Einstein still finds time to banter about complex scientific theories likeHeisenberg's uncertainty principle with fellow physicist Neils Bohr. The theory states that in by studying the velocity of a quantum particle, you actually affect it.

If all that sounds confusing, you're not alone: The theory has confounded scientists and laypeople for generations. In Tuesday's episode of "Genius," Einstein expressed deep doubts about the logic behind the theory, and even forces a shopkeeper to admit with exasperation: "That makes no sense to me at all."

Genius, which is produced by Ron Howard, airs on Tuesday nights at 9pm Eastern on the National Geographic Channel.