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Goldman Sachs CEO joined Twitter after reading a book by this billion dollar tech chief executive

Key Points
  • Lloyd Blankfein tweeted for the first time in June after joining Twitter in 2011.
  • His first tweet criticised U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to leave the Paris climate agreement.
  • Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes has helped Blankfein grow a social media presence.

When Goldman Sachs Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein tweeted for the first time in June to criticize Trump's withdrawal of the Paris climate agreement, the world was stunned.

Though Blankfein has been a Twitter member since 2011, the CEO had never previously tweeted.

But now Hootsuite Chief Executive, Ryan Holmes says he is responsible for Blankfein's renewed social media presence.

Talking to CNBC in an episode of Life Hacks Live, Holmes claims his book, The Four Billion Dollar Tweet, inspired Blankfein to get online.

"He dropped me a note when he got onto Twitter only a couple weeks ago, and he said, "hey you convinced me I'm getting into the game.""


Holmes has continued to work with Blankfein on growing his social media voice, with Blankfein having tweeted 6 more times.

"We actually are connecting with his team on some of the tools that can help his team and himself be more effective on social media.

"I think that out of the gates he is, as I said, doing a really amazing job."

As CEO of the billion dollar social media management platform Hootsuite, Holmes wants leaders to understand the importance of being online.

"The business imperative right now is that it [social media] is too important to ignore.

"In sharing what you're doing in your life and sharing the challenges, the opportunities, other things you're excited about, the things that are causing your problems; I think that's incredibly human and really does connect you with your audience and your customers and your employees."

Holmes is urging leaders to "get off the sidelines."

"If this was '99 or 2000 we might be talking about whether a leader should get on e-mail. Yes, they should get on e-mail, so yes they should get on social."

Life Hacks Live is a series produced by CNBC International for Facebook, where tomorrow's leaders get to ask some of the world's biggest influencers for advice. You can watch the full episode here.