Robots, a 3-D printed shoe and more from the ATX East convention

  • We attended the ATX East Convention and found all sorts of new gadgets.
  • 3-D printers and robots were everywhere.
  • We even saw 3-D printed shoes.

CNBC Digital producer Devin Hance recently hit the floor of the ATX East Convention in search of new smart gadgets.

Hance stumbled across all sorts of fun new technologies, including a robot from Primetest Automation that can identify M&M candies by color (and even pick them up). Hance also ran into a whole table of 3-D printed items, including sneakers and a hammer that were printed out of paper.

The big theme across the board seemed to be smarter large-scale manufacturing and 3-D printing, both of which are beginning to play much bigger roles in manufacturing and even defense. Check out Hance's video for a closer look at her time on the ATX East Convention showfloor.