Ex-Yahoo CEO Levinsohn says Jeff Bezos is likely eyeing media companies

    • Levinsohn says he wouldn't be surprised if Amazon makes a big run on acquisition in the media space.
    • He also said no sector is safe from Amazon.

    Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods has some asking the question: Who will Amazon acquire next?

    "I wouldn't be surprised if we see big acquisitions in media from [Amazon]," said ex-Yahoo Interim CEO Ross Levinsohn told CNBC.

    "If you're Jeff Bezos and you just saw a $14 billion purchase just yield a [multi] billion dollar increase in value, you're licking you chops. I think this is the first of many," said Levinsohn.

    Amazon has a long history of acquisitions. The company bought Diapers, Zappos, and Twitch in the past. "And they've already made a nice foray into media quietly and I wouldn't be surprised ... you know we're gonna see [them make] a big run on acquisition in the media space, potentially," he said.

    Whole Foods isn't the only company the tech giant has been rumored to be interested in. "There was a swerve over the last two days about them buying Slack," said Levinsohn. "They surprised everybody and bought a physical retailer," he said.

    Levinsohn says no sector is safe from Amazon. "Are cars off limits to Amazon?," he said. "What if they bought UPS?"

    CNBC has reached out to Amazon for comment.