Paris Airshow 2017

Embraer claims its biggest ever jet is ‘profit hunter’ for airlines

Among the debutants at the 52nd Paris Air Show is the Embraer E195-E2, the newest member of the Brazilian firm's family of regional jets.

The plane maker's commercial arm specializes in aircraft that serve regional flights of distances typically less than 2000 nautical miles.

Courtesy of Embraer

John Slattery, president & CEO of commercial aviation for Embraer, said Sunday that it's the biggest plane Embraer has ever built and he expects airlines will recognize its value.

"It is very cheap to operate, it is very light and we believe airlines will be able to generate extra revenue and that's why we've called it the profit hunter.

"We've extended it by 3 rows and we've improved the range by 600 nautical miles to 2,600," he added.

Embraer's E195-E2 makes its first international appearance in Paris decked out in a Golden Eagle livery as the airline tries to hammer home the message of an efficient "profit hunter".

Hinting that deals could be imminent, Slattery told CNBC, that he expected the firm to add to its 70-strong existing customer base.

"We are going to introduce new customers to the Embraer E-jet family. There will be low cost carriers as well as traditional flag carriers, so we are broadening our operational franchise," Slattery said.

"We have a broad franchise footprint in continental Europe and North America which account for most of our business. We expect to see sales of about 6,500 units over the next 20 years," said Slattery.

The E2 family of aircraft are powered by Pratt & Whitney's PW-1900G, and use cockpit technology from Honeywell Aerospace. The E195-E2 which can be configured to 144 seats is expected to enter service in 2019.

Military might

Take a look inside the KC-390, the latest multimission aircraft

Embraer are also unveiling the military KC-390 medium transport at the Paris Air Show.

Boeing has agreed to help Embraer with sales support for the aircraft and Portugal is reported to be the first country to buy the military offering.

Embraer's John Slattery said that sales of the KC-390 are critical as the firm looks to recoup the "billions invested" .

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