Winklevoss twins are sued, accused of defaulting on weed start-up deal

Key Points
  • Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are under fire for allegedly backing out of a deal.
  • Todd Steinberg, an investor in cannabis delivery start-up Eaze, claims the twins had agreed to buy his shares for about $500,000, the New York Post says.
Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss.
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The Winklevoss twins are being sued by an investor who alleges the two backpedaled out of a marijuana delivery start-up deal worth nearly $500,000, the New York Post reports.

Todd Steinberg claims Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss signed a deal to buy his shares in the start-up Eaze, the tabloid reported in its Page Six section.

The irate investor argued that the twins should not have backed out because they had already signed the binding term sheet. Page Six reported that the twins reneged after the start-up named a new CEO.

"This lawsuit is about getting the Winklevoss to do what's right and honor their legal commitments. The business world is built upon this principle and no one, not even them, is exempt from it," Steinberg told CNBC.

Steinberg filed a complaint in a Delaware court in February, according to the court docket.

Winklevoss Capital did not respond to a CNBC request for a comment.

The Winklevoss Capital was already an investor in Eaze, according to the firm's portfolio page.

The twins, who battled Mark Zuckerberg over the founding of Facebook, started buying bitcoin at $9. Their position in the cryptocurrency was worth about $11 million in April. was recently seen trading above $2,662.01.

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