Here's what Eric Holder — who investigated Uber's culture — thinks now

Key Points
  • A week after Holder's Uber report was released, Travis Kalanick stepped down as CEO.
  • Holder said he's very hopeful for Uber's future and thinks the company can enact some real change.
Attorney General Eric Holder
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Uber's Travis Kalanick resigned as CEO on Tuesday, following a personal tragedy and a string of scandalous allegations at his company.

Kalanick had hired the law firm of former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate the allegations. In the report released last week, Holder's team proposed 47 recommendations, including the establishment of a board oversight committee, rewriting Uber's cultural values, reducing alcohol use at work events, and prohibiting intimate relationships between employees and their bosses.

On Wednesday Holder attended Gateway '17, a small-business conference in Detroit presented by Alibaba. He told CNBC in an interview at the event that he's very hopeful for Uber's future and the company's prospects for enacting some real change.

When asked if he thought all his recommendations would be put into place, Holder said absolutely. He said the board was very serious during its seven-hour meeting last week.

— CNBC's Anita Balakrishnan contributed to this report.