Ray Dalio, manager of world's biggest hedge fund, says 'keep dancing' but party ending soon

Key Points
  • Bridgewater's founder, Ray Dalio, says our responsibility is to "keep dancing but closer to the exit."
  • Central banks shifting gears to raise interest rates without hurting growth.
Ray Dalio, manager of world's biggest hedge fund, says 'keep dancing' but party ending soon

Ray Dalio has declared the era of easy money is ending.

The founder and chief investment officer of the world's biggest hedge fund said Thursday in a commentary posted to LinkedIn that central bankers have "clearly and understandably" signaled the end of the nine-year era of monetary easing is coming. They are shifting strategy and are now focused on raising interest rates at a pace that keeps growth and inflation in balance, risking the next downturn if they get it wrong.

"Recognizing that, our responsibility now is to keep dancing but closer to the exit and with a sharp eye on the tea leaves," Dalio wrote.

In May, Dalio posted a commentary that said he was worried about the future, concerned that the magnitude of the next downturn could produce "much greater social and political conflict than currently exists."

On Thursday, he said the aggressive easing policies brought about "beautiful deleveragings," and it was time to pause and thank the central bankers for pursuing them. "They had to fight hard to do it and have been more maligned than appreciated."

Dalio ends by saying he doesn't see a big debt bubble about to burst, largely because of the balance sheet deleveraging that came about in the last few years. But, he said, "we do see an increasingly intensifying 'Big Squeeze.'"

Here's a link to Dalio's post.

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