T-Mobile quietly boosts price of premium plan, which now costs as much as Verizon

Key Points
  • T-Mobile quietly increased the price of its T-Mobile One Plus plan by $5
  • A true unlimited experience now costs $80 per month for one line, the same price as Verizon

John Legere
Mark Neuling | CNBC

quietly increased the price of its T-Mobile One Plus plan by $5, bringing the total cost of a single line with the premium add-on to $80 per month instead of $75.

This is the same price a customer would pay on for a similar unlimited plan, and it marks a stark move from T-Mobile's position as an affordable wireless carrier. Verizon is often known as one of the most expensive, though premium, carriers in the United States.

A spokesperson for T-Mobile said the original price was for a promotional period, which has now ended.

T-Mobile's website has been updated to reflect the changes. A single unlimited line costs $70 but limits video streaming to DVD quality and includes support for providing data connectivity for a laptop, but only at 3G speeds.


T-Mobile One Plus includes faster data for laptop hotspots (though with a 10GB monthly max), unlimited Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi service, and unlimited HD streaming. It used to cost an additional $5 per month but now costs $10 per month.

The change doesn't appear to affect customers who already locked in the lower rate.

Meanwhile, Verizon charges $80 for a single line that includes unlimited data, text, HD video streaming and mobile hotspot. It doesn't offer the same benefits for international travel as T-Mobile does, however.

-- Additional reporting by Anita Balakrishnan