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Meet the $2,500 Putin-Trump Nokia phone

Key Points
  • Caviar Royal Gift is selling a special edition Putin-Trump Nokia phone.
  • It costs 149,000 Russian rubles, or about $2,500

There's a new phone you can buy that celebrates the meeting of Putin and Trump at the G20 summit.

A company named Caviar Royal Gift is selling the special edition Nokia 3310 for 149,000 Russian Rubles, or about $2,500.

The special Nokia 3310 appears to feature gold accents, including a tiny replica plaque on the back with the date of the meeting, July 7, 2017 in Hamburg Germany at the G20 summit.

Caviar said the device also features "hardened titanium with a pattern of "Damascus steel" to represent the "principle and hardness necessary for the protection of justice."

Nokia recently re-released the Nokia 3310, a popular phone first launched in 2000, and it typically retails for 49 Euros, or about $55.