Cramer's lightning round: I'm there for this domestic-to-international story

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Canada Goose Holdings: "I still like it at $19. I know that it's pulled back from $22 but I think it's a good story. And I know that retail's challenged, but this is a story [of] domestic going international. I'm there for it. I like it."

Mattel: "No, Hasbro. Hasbro. [CEO Brian] Goldner has been on the show many times, and I still like Hasbro, even up here, more than I like Mattel. Mattel could have been a spec, but Hasbro is the real deal."

Raytheon: "I think it's got a multi-year run ahead of it. Remember, we're an arms merchant to the world now, so I think you're OK [buying it at these levels]."

Mazor Robotics: "I thought Mazor had a good quarter. They shipped a lot of product. There was some sort of an Israeli SEC thing that has kept people from being in the stock. My understanding is it had nothing to do with the fundamentals of the story and that last quarter certainly made it seem like it didn't. I would love to say, 'buy, buy, buy,' but I still would like to know what happened with the Israeli SEC."

Cara Therapeutics: "Oh man, we've got to have the CEO back on, because this thing- I thought the pain stuff is going fine, I know that there's another drug that's doing well, but the shorts have just been all over this and we need the CEO to come on and talk about how the trials are really going."

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