‘Gangnam Style’ no longer YouTube’s most played video, five years on from its release

Key Points
  • South Korea artist Psy's viral hit 'Gangnam Style' no longer the most-watched video on video-sharing website YouTube
  • The music video, which has a more than 2 billion views, was overtaken by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth's 2015 single 'See You Again'
Psy's 'Gangnam Style' became the first video to hit a billion views on YouTube
Thomas Coex | AFP | Getty Images

South Korean artist Psy's viral hit video 'Gangnam Style' that got the entire world dancing to its tunes, is no longer the most-watched video on YouTube.

The music video, shot in 2012, was overtaken on Tuesday by American artists Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth's 'See You Again', signaling an end to its five years of dominance on the video-sharing website.

Psy's music video has been played more than 2 billion times on YouTube but was overtaken on Tuesday by the American duo's 2017 single.

'See You Again' has around 1.2 million more views than 'Gangnam Style' on YouTube, breaking the record for the most viewed video.

The track was commissioned for the soundtrack of the 2015 action movie Furious 7 as a tribute to the late actor Paul Walker, who played Brian O'Conner in the Fast and Furious film franchise.

Gangnam Style was notorious for its dance, which has been parodied on the internet by several popular YouTube channels.

The video surpassed American singer Justin Bieber's song 'Baby, Baby', which previously held the record for most player video, a few months after its release in 2012.