Amazon could be building a messaging app called Anytime, report suggests

  • Screenshots obtained by one news outlet suggest Amazon is ready to launch a messaging app called Anytime
  • Amazon would be entering a crowded market which contains WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.
Shannon Stapleton | Reuters
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Amazon may be building its own messaging app.

A news site named AFTVnews recently published images submitted by one of its readers that suggest Amazon is ready to launch a new service called "Anytime."

The app was mentioned in a customer survey that sought information on what consumers want most out of a messaging app.

The survey, however, seemed to also describe features that Amazon Anytime is already ready to offer, including secure messaging, support for video and photo filters (perhaps similar to what Snapchat and Instagram offer), customizable chats, embedded gaming, group chat, video and voice calls, GIFs and more.

Amazon would be entering a crowded market of messaging apps. Products like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, GroupMe, Skype and even Instagram and Snapchat already dominate the market.

It's not outlandish to think Amazon may want to enter this market. Amazon's Alexa app and Echo products already allow users to call and chat with one another, and a messaging app could help Amazon complete a sort of customer-focused social network.

It is not clear if, or ever, Amazon Anytime will launch. CNBC reached out to Amazon for comment but a spokesperson was not immediately available.