Cramer's lightning round: GameStop just can't seem to go higher

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on callers' favorite stocks at rapid speed:

GameStop: "No, no. You know what, they keep trying, they keep trying, but they can't put it together. I say no, we don't want to be there, but we do like Activision Blizzard, we do like Electronic Arts, and of course we like Cramer-fave Take Two Interactive."

Pfizer: "You know, it's fine. No one ever got hurt buying Pfizer. I'd like to see some new products out of there or a big acquisition or maybe the split-up that they've been talking about, but it's not going to run away from you, believe me."

Amphastar Pharmaceuticals: "Why do we need that? We've got so many high-quality biotechs that are out there right now. I mean, Regeneron had a really nice upgrade today I thought made a lot of sense out of Merrill [Lynch]. I know it's at $500, but if you can only buy maybe 10 shares, it's worth doing."

Community Bank System: "I mean, think about it, what we had. We had Citi report an unbelievable quarter and the stock is down a couple of bucks. We had JPMorgan report a darned good quarter, the stock's off 4 [basis points]. You know, I just can't go there. PNC's better. Let's stick with some of the majors that have come down. And by the way, Morgan Stanley, dynamite quarter. Congratulations to [CEO] James Gorman."

Nabors Industries: "No. Look, I mean, contract drilling, at this point… we saw Helmerich & Payne up a lot. But I really don't like this. I'm going to lump this in with Transocean and with Diamond Offshore. I just don't want to be there. Halliburton's going to report and let's see what they have to say. But no. too speculative."

Cypress Semiconductor: "I like Cypress Semi. I like how much it's involved in several new devices this fall. I don't like all that management turmoil. They work that stuff out, it goes to $17."

Mazor Robotics: "Remember, the issue with Mazor was not the product. The product sold really well. The last quarter was excellent. It was the fact that the Israeli SEC raided their offices and we still haven't gotten a reason of why that was. But Mazor the product is, yes, a junior [Intuitive Surgical], which was upgraded again today and continues to go higher."

Forterra: "Yeah, it's a pipe company, and the problem with a pipe company is if you go back over the CSX presentation this morning, they said pipe sales, their actual cargo, are way down. I don't want to be involved with that. Too much pipe involved with infrastructure. Let's see what Nucor says when they report to see if there's hope for infrastructure. I'm not clear."

Watch the full lightning round here:

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