Paul Ryan says tax reform will get done because GOP is 'much more unified' on issue

Key Points
  • Paul Ryan says Republicans are "wired the same way" on tax reform.
  • The party has more consensus on taxes than health care, Ryan says.
  • He also says a 20 percent corporate tax rate is "very realistic."
Ryan talks tax reform on the road
Ryan talks tax reform on the road

House Speaker Paul Ryan said he feels more confident that tax reform can get done this year than a health-care overhaul because Republicans are "wired the same way" on the issue.

"Obviously, as you can see in the Senate, there is a difference of opinions on how to do health-care reform. We are so much more unified on tax reform, on what it looks like, and how to do it and the need to do it," the Wisconsin Republican told reporters Thursday.

His comments come as the Senate has struggled to push health-care reform through. Support for both a revised Senate bill and a separate bill that would repeal Obamacare without an immediate replacement quickly lost GOP support earlier this week.

Ryan said the GOP knows overhauling the tax system "needs to get done" because it is essential to boosting economic growth. Because of this consensus, Ryan said he is "very confident" that his party can get it done this year.

When asked about the corporate tax rate, Ryan said 20 percent is "very realistic." He said he's confident that the tax-writing committees will be able to lower rates because there's many ways of achieving those levels.

But he deferred to the tax-writing committees when asked about the details of other measures that may end up in a reform package.

WATCH: Ryan on the corporate tax rate

Ryan: 20 percent corporate tax rate 'very realistic'
Ryan: 20 percent corporate tax rate 'very realistic'